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Slim & Knobby's Bike Shop Blog

Happy and Approachable

Slim & Knobby's bike shop is located in the Wasatch Mountains, 15 minutes from Park City and 40 minutes from Salt Lake. We have access to hundreds of miles of single track right out our doors. We love to ride and love the bikes we sell. Keep up with the latest news from Slim & Knobby's by following our blog. 

Get Stoked! 10 Ways to Enjoy Your New Bike in Heber Valley, Utah

Did you recently purchase a new bike from Slim & Knobby’s and now you’re wondering how to enjoy it? Maybe your bike has been sitting stagnant for years and now the draw to the outdoors has become undeniable. Either way, we gathered together a list of great ways to enjoy your bike in Heber Valley.

Bucket List Bike Tour: San Francisco to Los Angeles

I questioned whether I should use what has become to me an almost cringe-worthy phrase — “Bucket List” — when titling and describing the tour I did from San Francisco to Malibu, California, for two reasons; I think that phrase has become way too cavalier and has become an off-the-cuff phrase for anything that is expensive or attractive. Secondly, because I view bucket list as something very hard to achieve and for most it takes a lifetime to accomplish. 

The Raciest Race Bike

Enduro Jersey, Pro Shorts, and SWAT!

Not Just Another Pretty Hardtail

We're Supporting the Heber Valley 9th Annual Golf Tournament, Are You?

Bike Review — Stump Jumper FSR Expert 6Fattie

Heber, UT Welcomes the World-Tour of Utah