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BIKE REVIEW — Stump Jumper FSR Expert 6Fattie

A tip of the hat to Specialized for taking this segment and running with it.  The 27.5" plus tire (3") full suspension is a relatively new product area.  Specialized has a full lineup with 4 different spec models to choose from; Even an aluminum option for the more budget conscious buyer.

In our estimation the bike industry is making some big changes toward innovation that make bikes more fun to ride.  What a concept right? Similar the ski industry 8 or so years ago, they are breaking the mold of convention to build bikes that make riding easier, more enjoyable, and better adapted to the extremes.

Our Thoughts on the 6Fattie:

We've been riding this bike for 5 months now.  We've ridden it on the tamest single and double track, and tested its chops taking drops and hairy lines in Moab.  If we could sum it up in two words it would be pure fun!  

The Stump Jumper 6Fattie is built on the industry leading Stump Jumper platform with a 148 mm swing arm and plus-specific Fox 34 fork to accommodate the larger tires and 30mm rims.  What you lose in pedaling efficiency you easily make up in control on loose or technical terrain.  It effortlessly takes corners that you previously went into with slight hesitation and still charges on the flats.  If we were blindfolded (which is never recommended) it would be hard to tell the pedaling efficiency difference or overall feel (outside of the corners) between the 6Fattie and it's 29er brother.

Who will like this bike?  Anyone outside of that top tier enduro/DH shredding demographic.  Whether you are a recreational rider, an XC racer looking for a do-everything soft tail, or an all-mountain warrior this bike can make your day a lot more fun.  

All in all it is an amazing, do almost anything bike that we've been happy to have in our stable.  We have Men's and Women's demos in the shop for the next couple months.  If you want to give the 6Fattie a try come down and check one out.

Happy Trails,Team S&K

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